Women's Erotica: The Viking and Honey Bee Kellen Prime Author

Women's Erotica: The Viking and Honey Bee Kellen Prime Author
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The Viking and Honey Bee is a Women’s and Couple’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.After three days in the storm by herself, and help another five days away, Priya thought she was imagining the bang on the metal walls of the research bunker she had been manning solo for almost four months now. But the researcher in her, the curious explorer inside of her, needed to be sure, so she braced herself and opened the door, and in tumbles a large Nordic man.Sven, an extreme adventure sportsman, is not a Viking of course, but since he fits every description she’s ever read and every image she’s ever seen, she decides that this is what he’ll be in her head. After the pleasantries are out of the way and the man has his fourth cup of cocoa in him, they soon start to find ways to occupy themselves for the next few days as they wait to be rescued, Sven learning that the Karma Sutra is no myth, and Priya discovering that contrary to popular belief, there was nothing cold about an iceberg…Excerpt:Sven on the other hand has his own ideas. He thinks that there is no way that he could possibly expect the beautiful Priya to simply lay back and let him have his Nordic way with her. Everything about her says she should be handled with care. Of course Priya is nothing like that and in fact has found herself quite bored with chivalry. And therein lays the conundrum.The size of the erection pressing up against her excites her. Priya hasn’t fully awoke yet and Sven is still asleep having jumped back into bed after a bathroom visit that involved brushing his teeth and taking a very long pee. Both their thoughts and desires have managed to create an air of anticipation that hides itself under the covers with the parts of their bodies that should be meeting this anticipation head on. His snores frustrate the horny Priya who slips out of bed, brushes her own teeth and then proceeds to make two very loud cups of hot chocolate.Sven is already sitting up by the time she offers him his cup in bed. They sip their cups to half in total silence. Sven is the first to test the waters, running his hand along the side of her leg under the covers. Her legs part as his finger get to her thigh and he makes his way between her legs where his hand is met with a blooming cunt already moist through her clothes.

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