A Harmless Little Erotica Addiction Nikki Red Author

A Harmless Little Erotica Addiction Nikki Red Author
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Warning, this title contains explicit sex and graphic terms for body parts. Adults only 18+ A Harmless Little Addiction is a collection of Erotica Stories and Fantasies designed to arouse your senses, heighten your awareness and encourage a state of immense pleasure. This is a series of erotic adult stories meant to stimulate as you… Discover how these singles and couples satisfy some of their wildest sexual desires in these Harmless Little Addiction Stories and Fantasies. Adults only 18+———————Though somewhat irritated from the night before – as role-playing is much more interesting when the involved parties get into character – he could barely keep his hands off her as they made their way into the car. For ruining the experience of the previous night, she had agreed repayment on two conditions. The first asserted that they must continue to address one another by the names used during their role-play. The second was that she treat him to a movie at Starshine, the most prodigious of the local avenues.The drive was mostly silent, the giddy man keeping to himself during its duration. As they were headed out into public, he deemed it necessary to contain his sexual urges, at least until they reached the dark of the theatre.For a Tuesday evening, the couple encountered much more of a crowd than expected. Their disillusionment of the situation quickly returned them to sense when the woman at the window explained to the couple ahead of them that a new movie, Textbook Mistress, had premiered the night before. Neither man nor woman had any reservations as to decide what the content contained within the movie would contain.“Shall we give it a see, my darling, Maria?” The woman with him giggled, nodding in agreement, and the two ordered their tickets. “I think I know what we’re seeing, Queen,” smirked the giddy man to his lover….

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