Choke Hold (A Gay Erotica / Erotic Thriller) Habu Author

Choke Hold (A Gay Erotica / Erotic Thriller) Habu Author
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In this sequel to the gay male military espionage action/adventure novel Silas’s Choice, retired commando spy Silas Collins and his young lover, Ward Spano, are caught up in a race for their lives from an operation gone bad in Silas’s CIA past. While trying to keep a step ahead of Japanese judo mercenaries who are killing off members of a team Silas headed to unsuccessfully extract an Ecuadoran leader, Silas and Ward find themselves perpetually a step behind. In action that takes them from the jungles of Thailand to New York and on to a male brothel in Cairo, a safe house in Amsterdam, and, ultimately to a dojo in Okinawa, the two former CIA operatives have to uncover not only who is choking off the life of Silas’s former team members and why, but also who is helping to keep the assassin elusive—and why.