Covet: Trusting the Billionaire Charlotte Rose Author

Covet: Trusting the Billionaire Charlotte Rose Author
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Can you trust a handsome, charming, wealthy, powerful man whom every women covets? Julian and Cheryl have a seemingly perfect marriage. Yet within their inner circle, many women covet Julian, and men covet Cheryl. Cheryl has the life and the husband that every women covets. She lives in a massive mansion, has access to immense wealth, and can have absolutely anything her heart desires. She wants no one or nothing to intervene in her perfect life with her husband. Julian is extremely good-looking. Cheryl is concerned that every woman feels the same way she does-Julian is the best-looking man she has ever laid her eyes on. If a woman cannot resist his looks-which is highly unlikely-Julian is also extremely wealthy, powerful, and charming. He is a multi-billionaire. He is a member of an elite secret society. He is a black-belt martial artist. His charisma emanates off him like a force field. Can their marriage stay strong, or will the coveting of others disintegrate their trust and love for each other? book about stockholm syndrome, dark erotica, billionaire romance, erotica for women, erotic books paperback, billionaire romance kindle books, billionaire romance books, billionaire erotica, billionaire erotic romance, billionaire erotic romance series, billionaire erotica romance, alpha billionaire romance, alpha billionaire romance kindle books, alpha billionaire erotic romance, alpha billionaire slave, alpha billionaire, alpha male romance, millionaire romance, erotica, dark erotica kidnapped forced, dark erotica kindle, dark erotica forced rough sex, dark erotica romance, dark erotica forced sex slave, dark erotica forced sex, erotica for women with explicit sex, erotic romance, erotic books, romance books, fifty shades of grey, kidnapped romance, forced erotica, forced sex, forced sex erotica, stockholm syndrome kindle books, stockholm syndrome romance, romance books for kindle, romance books paperback, teen romance books, romance books, romance novels, romance kindle, erotic novels, non consent erotica, non consensual sex erotica, non consent romance, forced erotica