Erotica Short Stories Vol. 5 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 5 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a man who when married to a woman with an uninteresting face delves deeply into the erotic to find satisfaction, the tale of a dominant husband and a wife couple who seek to tame one another through an angry sex session, the cheating MILF and her 20 something lover, and much more. There is something for everyone within.‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 5’ contains the following short stories:# A Slow Start (Humor)An odd story of a writer writing an erotic piece of fiction and reacting to it as the story progresses. Each piece fits somewhere; every word - each sexy syllable - needs to have meaning. I put together the story and feel my arousal grow. This will be a good one. This will be the kind of hot work that will make my readers - and myself - aroused.# An Unstable Mind (Transformation)An unstable mind does not benefit from the cheating ways of a nasty ex-girlfriend and when inspired by a father who offers marriage to a woman with features no man could bear hardness for, that unstable mind finds a way to survive, to escape, the horrifying trap of erotic nature it is trapped in. One man digs his way out of agony via erotic means.# Beer And Giggles (Angry Sex)I’m handsome, but I’ve never felt so ugly. We draw off – two titans ready for battle. Through posture and pose and intense dialogue a hot relationship develops into something much more heated between an aggressively sexual woman and a hot hunk who doesn’t know how hot the situation that he is getting himself into is.# Joanna And Her Sweet Cakes (Interracial Romance)A life of cats, romance novels and cakes is not enough. One woman seeks solace from the choices that were made for her in the arms of a hot man named Adonis. Chocolate cake magic!# On A Sunny Day (Cheating / MILF)Did I really dare to do that? Honestly, was I brave enough for that? One younger man and an older married woman share some tender and not so tender moments on the path of life.# The Bad Husband (Domination)To be tamed and to tame. Two infernos burn bright and strong and roughly meet to see which will emerge the most dominant. When both man and woman refuse to humble themselves to the weak stereotypes of gender, what can come of it? This and more is answered within.# The Princess Cursed (Fantasy)The gorgeous milk skinned princess of times gone by came to me in the park while I was suffering from the bane of my existence: Boredom. What we did next was definitely not boring. Not one bit.