Freshman Year (gay erotica) Alex Exley Author

Freshman Year (gay erotica) Alex Exley Author
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Ryan wasn’t gay. Not that he was aware of. At least, he knew he liked girls. So what was with that attraction, that unfamiliar urge within him, whenever he saw his new college roommate changing or toweling off after a shower? He doesn’t understand it, but after a night out drinking and a massage exchange that may or may not have crossed the line, he’s going to have to confront it one way or another.Jeff, Ryan’s new roommate, is a freshman like him, though he’s four years older, having served in the Army before starting college. He sees things in Ryan that Ryan doesn’t see himself. And he knows how to gradually bring those things out. How to make Ryan his boy.Word count: 18,500Contains explicit adult content and descriptions, primarily of an oral nature. Not intended for persons under age 18.