Gay for the Hot Jock Part 2 Lucas Loveless Author

Gay for the Hot Jock Part 2 Lucas Loveless Author
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JacksonI told Xander that we needed to just be friends. After I started hooking up with that sexy, irresistible jock I started to fall hard for him, and that scared the hell out of me. I knew Xander would never be able to let me in completely. So I had to save myself. I tried to keep things as just business between us. I would go to his meet to write my story for the school paper, and that was that.But of course, I wanted him too badly. After the meet, Xander locked us into the locker room. He couldn’t wait another second. He had to have more of me right then and there.It seemed we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I wanted Xander to be mine, to fall for him completely, to let him have my virginity. But if he couldn’t go all the way, we couldn’t even be friends.Was I going to lose Xander forever?XanderEver since Jackson and I started our secret affair, I hadn’t been the same. The beautiful, shy little nerd was all I could think about. I was strong, but I couldn’t lift off my feeling for him. But could I be everything Jackson needed? A boyfriend? A lover? A man who wasn’t afraid to be out and love him the way he deserved?We tried to stay just friends, but I couldn’t keep my hands off him. After the meet, I took him back to the locker room and did things to him that made his toes curl. No one turned me on like Jackson, and I was falling in love with him.But if I couldn’t let him in, if I couldn’t be the lover he deserved, I was going to lose him for good.This story contains explicit scenes of gay romance, gay sex and gay erotica. It is intended for mature readers.