Manly Men Collection 1 Dick Powers Author

Manly Men Collection 1 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of a handsome alpha male who decides to seduce a ready and willing naughty man, a boyfriend goes to get his boyfriend back from a well hung man only to be pulled into a filthy threesome, a young gang member takes on the leaders in bed, and two men enjoy each other and the great outdoors. There’s something for everyone within!‘Manly Men Collection 1’ contains:# He Fixed My Ass (Seduction)Plumb my butt? What are you saying? Why, that’s filthy! I grin. Underneath this whole rich, slim, sexy exterior thing I have going on is a naughty man who wants some candy. The hunky man leans over and whispers to me that something more than my tap needs fixing. I look down with him with a sly grin. I think my morning wood needs chopping down. He is more than happy to assist.# Balls And Pistons (Threesome)It’s hot. I’m driving. I wish I wasn’t, but the boyfriend has been stolen by the Italian Stallion and I’m on a one trip cross country to get him back. Unfortunately, life has other plans for me. A explosion signals the beginning of a gaudy trip through the naughty underworld of a hillbilly town with no morals and a orgy every day of the week. Handsome men and little old me. Scary but wonderful!# Initiation Of A Man (First Times)I thought I was SO tough, but when they told me that the first place to get a beating would be my ass, I confess that I freaked out. Men surround me; they watch me; they desire me; I feel fear, but also a dirty hidden desire. I’M NOT GAY - no way - but I guess I don’t get a choice. When the first man goes for my stick, I clock him one, but then the hands get working. The fighting stops then# Riding The Summit (Hunk)Joe, I never knew! He runs his hands up my back, not saying a thing. We are on the side of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and he has made his confession. I can feel those hands working lower and lower. The big guy wants something, but I’m not sure if I can give him it. I turn, looking into his eyes and think. Can I really have sex with my best friend? I have no idea.