Manly Men Collection 3 Dick Powers Author

Manly Men Collection 3 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of two hunks on the run stop for a little fun in the mud in the depths of the forest, an interracial affair begins when a car yard manager meets the big dominant black man that will have his butt for ripping him off, an easy lay up as trainer and player find enjoyment in one another, and a prison protector shows a handsome prisoner his first time. There’s something for everyone within!‘Manly Men Collection 3’ contains:# Fun In The Mud (First Times)Two men facing off against a gut buster race in Texas get caught in the worst rain storm to hit the area in known memory. Trapped in a tent, freezing and cold, they huddle together. However, something unexpected pops up. Like minded, these two find creative ways to warm back up.# On The Lot (Interracial)Jonathan stares. The black man - muscular, powerful, dominant - strides into the manager’s office and sits down behind the large wooden desk. Assemble the troops, he orders. The sales force of this small car lot are in for a shock. It’s either fight or fired and they’ll do anything to keep their jobs. What will Jon do to save his place? Anything is possible.# Easy Layup (Romance)They sold him. Frank is heading to his new team without even a day’s warning. On arrival, he finds that everyone is at training camp, except a tall, handsome stranger who makes a bet with stakes Frank cannot resist. Assistant coach Terrance has plans for Frank and after his win takes the prize in hand - literally. What sort of ‘relief’ can come from a strong set of hands?# Breaking Rocks (Alpha Male / Romance)They surround him. The men’s eyes run up and down his large, strong body. It’s only a matter of time until something unpleasant happens. Prison is war, or at least that was what he thought. A protector comes to Eric’s aid this time around. He’s a man who will change Eric’s life - for the better. Can love really be found in prison?