Paranormal Erotica: Cupid's Island Collection 2 Dick Powers Author

Paranormal Erotica: Cupid's Island Collection 2 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of a paparazzi whose black target gives his white ass a thumping, a revenge orgy caught on tape for the world to see all orchestrated by an upset boyfriend to get back at the one that cheated on him, two opposites with too much sexual chemistry, and an orgy of men with all your favorites in attendance. There’s something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica: Cupid’s Island Collection 2’ contains:# Cupid’s Island #5: Stalker (Obsession / Interracial)He has come and his name is Jason: Stalker, paparazzi and lover of all things man. However, his target is no weakling and after Jason is trapped by this hungry chocolate skinned monster, Jason finds that he has more to ’learn’ from this insatiable beast of a man than he originally thought. Join Jason as he becomes the willing victim hang out to dry on the long pole of sexual revenge.# Cupid’s Island #6: Revenge Orgy (Orgy)Caught on tape, the extreme sexual affairs of his boyfriend Joe have reached the point where Tim must intervene. With camera in hand and a bar full of patrons, Tim is going to show the world the filthy behavior of his once kind and caring lover. However, the patrons have a show for Tim and with no less than 5 beautiful man pieces to choose from, Tim is spoiled for choice in this orgy of sleaze.# Cupid’s Island #7: Sexy Meeting (Opposites Attract)A meeting of men has begun. Ace, daring and sexy, and Larry, cautious and snobbish, will meet in a way that only two like-minded gay men can. With poles and holes on offer and both men eager, there will be no restraining the intensity of two men caught in the light of the moon and ready for play. Anger, joy and sex… all for your enjoyment!# Cupid’s Island #8: Pack Sex (Orgy)An orgy of men coated in sweaty desire is on the way for Tim as he dares to pick up the soap in a shower scene that will see him and his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend at play with the wild chocolate monster Dave and his bent cop friend Brent - the one who took his boyfriend from him in the first place. This is an intense all out emotional pack sex occasion that won’t be easily put down.