Sexy Erotica Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author

Sexy Erotica Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a massage that turns very kinky for one lucky young man, a hung neighbor chasing the MILF next door, a drug dealer trained out of his bad ways by a Ghetto MILF, an accountant that gets a not unwelcome surprise, and many more. There is something for everyone within!A few of the stories in ‘Sexy Erotica Vol. 6’ are:# MILF Massage Session (MILF)In MILF Massage Session the boyfriend of the daughter of the MILF massaging him finds himself in a bit of a predicament when the woman offers him more than just the ‘regular massage’ he was expecting. What will he do and will this be the best experience of his life? Find out within.# Hot Hung Hunk (MILF)In Hot Hung Hunk one MILF’s neighbor turns out to have something very special in his pants and isn’t afraid to make light of it’s proportions in the lewdest way possible. This is an offer this lonely, horny MILF cannot refuse!# The Ghetto MILF (Domination)In The Ghetto MILF a young drug dealer is drawn into a web of naughty affairs bought on by a sexy older ghetto MILF with only one thing on her mind.# Birthday Cake Sex (Big Breasts)In Birthday Cake Sex a situation of mistaken identity turns into a hot sexual experience for one older accountant when a blond bombshell of ample proportions turns up with a cake in hand and some kinky ideas about how it can be consumed.# Mile High Club (Sex Up High)In Mile High Club sickness and fear overcomes a handsome business man of size on a long plane ride to LA. A gorgeous air hostess of foreign descent decides to save him from himself through the sexiest experience of his entire life. Hot passion a mile and more up.

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