The Locker Room (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author

The Locker Room (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author
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Aaron Westcott is something of a celebrity on campus. Being the prized Quarterback on his college football team, he’s certainly a star. But, there’s more to Aaron than just football. He hails from a prestigious American family, the Westcotts, which is what accounts for the extra edge he enjoys in life. Like all other Westcott men, his stunning looks and impressive pedigree puts him miles ahead of everyone else. Fair or not, everybody wants a piece of Aaron Westcott. By all accounts, Aaron’s considered to be a ladies man – God only knows, every girl on campus has her eye on him – but in reality, Aaron secretly desires to be with guys. Sure, he enjoys being with girls, but having sex with guys is what he really looks forward to!When Aaron runs into Eric one day in the locker room, he finds himself instantly drawn to the guy. Being straight and macho, Eric comes off as uninterested at first, but after some small talk, the sexy stud starts to open up. Aaron soon learns that Eric’s got a little fantasy that needs some attention… Eric wants to go down on another dude and Aaron’s perfectly willing to let him live out his fantasy, but on one condition: that Eric agrees to do more than just oral sex. Reluctantly, Eric lets Aaron have his way and soon enough, Aaron is showing him things that he never imagined he’d ever feel.Be a fly on the wall and check out what really goes on in the locker room!EXCERPT:While Aaron ravaged the mouth that just sucked his massive cock so perfectly, he lowered his hands onto Eric’s ass and began working those inviting cheeks he’d desperately been lusting after… Eric’s flesh was smooth and velvety-soft and the muscles of his ass were firm – a beautiful combination – and Aaron found it increasingly difficult to contain his excitement. His hunger continued to grow and so did his impatience. In reality, Eric’s ass felt much better than he’d imagined. His cheeks were full and round, and they felt achingly attractive when Aaron squeezed them, so much so that he could not wait to have Eric on all fours. He could already imagine his cock going up inside Eric’s crack, parting the tender flesh of his ass hole. Having Eric like that, in the most intimate way, drove Aaron off the edge.“I want to fuck your ass,” he whispered to Eric, in between their bouts of hungry kisses.“I dunno…” Eric said, as he nibbled on Aaron’s bottom lip.“You want it…” Aaron teased. He could sense Eric’s resolve starting to wane and he was hoping to capitalize on his change of luck.“Naw, dude…” Eric laughed. “That’s way too serious too fast.”“Your ass is begging for it, man.” Aaron persisted and then reached down to give Eric a good spank, which he immediately seemed to respond to.“Seriously?” Eric asked as his curiosity started to take over. “You really want to bone my ass?”