Unwrapped Eric Summers Author

Unwrapped Eric Summers Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: STARbooks Press
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STARbooks Press is very happy to release its first Winter Holiday-inspired anthology UNWRAPPED- EROTIC HOLIDAY TALES, edited by ERIC SUMMERS! It isn’t just about Christmas anymore! Whatever you celebrate this time of year, these tales are for you! Do you like to sit on Santa’s lap? Are there eight things you wish you could do to your boyfriend during Hanukah? Does Kwanzaa give you the urge to commune with nature? Or, do you just like to read about people who get horny over the holidays? Santa is a bear, the three wise me are hunks, and all those elves - just a bunch of overworked but horny employees in a factory at the North Pole. What else is there for them to do to keep warm? Did you know potato latkes are an aphrodisiac? Do you want hot wax from the Hanukah candles dripped all over you - over eight days? What do you want to find in your box on Christmas? Do nice things come in small or large packages? Sit back, grab a cup of eggnog, and snuggle up with these hot holiday inspired stories featuring the best presents you could ever want. UNWRAPPED: EROTIC HOLIDAY TALES edited by ERIC SUMMERS features the following stories by the best writers of gay erotica today!