Wyoming Hospitality - Gay Erotica Kellie Granier Author

Wyoming Hospitality - Gay Erotica Kellie Granier Author
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Wyoming Hospitality is a Gay Erotica short story - M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.After Jeremy and Grady’s explosive meeting, Grady invites Jeremy back to bunk at his trailer. Grady has a warm comfortable life that Jeremy finds fascinating and enviable. The place is a vivid contrast to everything that Jeremy has ever experienced. It is simple, but such a vast difference to what he is used to. That, combined with the heady nearness of the handsome, fit, Grady is intoxicating. Jeremy knows that Grady feels the same way. They don’t make it as far as the bedroom before they’re all over each other. And it becomes clear that Grady is more than interested in riding Jeremy’s big black cock. Is this the kind of chemistry and electricity that can last? It doesn’t matter to Grady, because the excitement is worth the risk of heart and soul. At least for the time being, they have everything they need and it may be more fun than they every expected.ExcerptGrady had a trailer in the park on the edge of the town. A nice double-wide that he kept clean and orderly. He gestured vaguely as they stepped through the door, indicating Jeremy should make himself home. He sank into the comfortable couch and looked around, taking in the full details of his new environment. He saw the man in a million little details, and he found himself touched to be invited back to his sanctuary. This wasn’t just a place he bedded down when he was in town. Only a counter separated the kitchen from the living room, and his eyes came to a rest on Grady’s back as he fished two cold beers from the fridge.I like your place. It’s nice.Thanks. It’s not much but I like it.