Amen, Pass the Gravy Baal Zebub Author

Amen, Pass the Gravy Baal Zebub Author
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Well known television evangelist, Johnny Johns, can’t help his greed. Millions roll into his megachurch to support his ‘Ministry’. What the congregation doesn’t know is that he is a fraud. When the truth is leaked to the news media, Johnny’s empire is at stake. Luckily, Jax, a greed demon is there to lend a helping hand.Will Pastor Johnny Johns take the deal?This is an MM gay erotica short story that includes humiliation, discipline, gay first-time sex, gay and demon/monster sex, laughs aplenty, oodles of curse words, and the devil is the book narrator.**You have been warned.About the Author: Baal Zebub. The Ruler of Hell. Lucifer. The Father of Lies. Call him what you will, but he prefers Baal Zebub, his chosen pen name for the artistic and sadistic side of himself yearning to put pen to paper. Armed with his thoughts, his knowledge, and his inner storyteller, Baal Zebub has taken up writing as a new hobby in order to combat the monotonous rituals of Hell. Explore his devilish and downright humorous tales depicting soul-sucking sex assignments of his demon horde.