Coach & Other Stories (gay erotica) Alex Exley Author

Coach & Other Stories (gay erotica) Alex Exley Author
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The two main themes running through these three stories are straight/bi-curious guys experimenting with or coming to know their own homosexuality, and older, more experienced guys getting together with less experienced guys.Coach is about a college football player who is having a tough time of things. To add to his troubles, he isn’t sure if his coach was touching him inappropriately on purpose while giving him a massage or if it was just his imagination. And to make it worse, his coach saw the huge erection it caused! He doesn’t know how he’ll ever face him again.Not Just Another Day At The Office is about an underperforming office worker who will do just about anything to save his job, the domineering boss who gives his underling an ultimatum, and the fun of role-playing and the sexual imagination.Part-Time Job is about a bi-curious grad student who answers an ad to be a male escort. While the idea of it turns him on, he’s not sure if he’ll really go through with it. When he meets the owner of the escort service, he’s put on the spot and better decide quick, because the owner wants some proof that he’ll perform.Word count: 13,000.Contains explicit adult content and descriptions, primarily of an oral nature. Not intended for persons under age 18.Also available from Alex Exley: the novelette Freshman YearRyan, a young man who believes he is straight, grapples with the strange urges he gets when watching his new college roommate change or towel off after a shower. Those feelings are put to the test when his roommate, an older student who sees things in Ryan that Ryan doesn’t see himself, offers a massage exchange after a night of drinking.