Doing Colin's Daddy (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author

Doing Colin's Daddy (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author
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Scott’s boyhood fantasies are suddenly becoming a reality!Growing up, Jack was the only man Scott ever cared for. Jack was his best friend Colin’s super sexy daddy. The man was truly a dreamboat and he had a macho attitude that left Scott weak in the knees. But Jack was off limits. He was Colin’s daddy after all and Scott was still a young teen back then so naturally, nothing would ever come of his boyhood fantasies.But that was then…Scott is now all grown up and he is a freshman in college. Oh, and he looks good. Real good… Which is perfect because he runs into Jack by chance once day at the grocery store and this time around, Jack takes notice of him. Behind the lingering looks and sudden interest, there is a lusty vibe that Scott picks up on right away. One thing leads to another and soon enough, Jack’s turning all of Scott’s wildest boyhood fantasies into reality.*** Includes a preview of the best seller, Giving it up for Ralph ***WARNING: This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.