Eden Aaron Travis Author

Eden Aaron Travis Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: The Aaron Travis Erotic Library
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A horny high school graduate spurned by his boyfriend, ripe for a summer adventure…a brawny young trucker looking for company…and a long, hot drive across the American West…these are the ingredients of the short novel EDEN, a tinderbox of sexual tension that threatens to set the whole desert on fire. Together, two very different young men take a journey though a wilderness of desire. The discoveries they make will startle them both.Written early in the career of Aaron Travis, EDEN remains one of its author’s personal favorites, a wildcard among his more radical, hardcore visions. Too sharply observed and realistic to be dismissed as erotica, too raunchy and hard-headed to be called a romance, EDEN is in a class by itself.EDEN bears out the judgment of Sam Steward, the Dean of Gay Erotica, who said that Aaron Travis writes with a golden pen.