Steamy Shorts 2: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short fiction Jean Ecrivain Author

Steamy Shorts 2: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short fiction Jean Ecrivain Author
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Welcome to the world of Jean Ecrivain’s erotica short stories. Covering the range of erotica sub-genres and usually set in a world of Steampunk, Science Fiction, or Fantasy in a collection of short tales on frequently taboo subjects. The stories are hot, adult erotica and often include BDSM, menage, and alternative sexual themes. Most of the stories involve strong women who take control of their own sexuality. The stories are usually about 5,000 words long (20 pages) and include a romance story as well as the hot sex and a steampunk, SF, or fantasy setting. In this collection of five erotic short stories for women (and their men) are: 1. The Bonny Black Hare What’s a poor, lonely woman to do when she’s all alone in the woods? When a noble huntsman becomes lost and seeks comfort in her cottage, Andred knows just the type of comfort to offer. (MF, shapechanger erotica, paranormal erotica, fantasy erotica) 2. The Sex Jin The problem with living in a bottle is that they’re small, lonely and you never know who is going to call or when you’re going to be called. This pretty Jinn decides that being called out of the bath might be turned to her favor. And her new owner is about to get a wish beyond his wildest dreams. (MF, paranormal erotica, fantasy erotica) 3. Cyber Sexed Welcome to the world of the future. Where crowding is normal. And sex is computer controlled. Jennifer is in control of when the computer is turned on. At least she is in control until a terrorist group decides to turn her on. (MF,MFMMMF, Menage, BDSM, D/S, FemDom) 4. Swords and Sexery A swordswoman’s tavern should be sacrosanct. A place where she can relax, have a beer, and have a little adult fun. At least that’s the way Shara’s tavern was until the sorceress came to play. (FMMMMM, Menage, D/S, FemDom, paranormal erotica, fantasy erotica) 5. Well Met in the Forest The short story that launched the Chasing Fae Romance series. Sarah had it all: beauty, brains, and a successful business. The only problem was she hadn’t had a man in six months. Then she goes running in the woods and meets an old boyfriend. Too bad he’s not human! (MF, outdoor play, paranormal erotica, fantasy erotica, urban erotica) WARNING: This book contains adult themes and situations including graphic language, bondage, BDSM , sex slaves, BDSMxxx, domination, submission, XXX situations, lesbianism, threesomes, and rough sex. Intended for the entertainment of adults over the age of 21 only.

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