Lesbian Sex Naughty Daydreams Press Author

Lesbian Sex Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Five Girl on Girl Erotica StoriesLesbian sex erotica stories are some of the bestselling ebooks around, and there’s no wonder about that! First lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and lesbian group sex is just damned hot! At Naughty Daydreams Press, we’ve always been partial to a straight girl having her first taste of a woman, and in this collection, you’ll find plenty of lovely ladies learning just how to lick! It’s a scorching collection of five red hot lesbian erotica stories, and it’s waiting for you!CHICK FLICK WITHOUT A DICK (An All-Girl Lesbian Sex Threesome Erotica Story)She simply loves her roommate and fellow nursing student Jenna, and she decides to surprise her by making ice cream sundaes to add to their weekly popcorn and movie night. When their other roommate interrupts them with the sad story of a cheating roommate, the other girls make sure Kelly joins in. Alcohol flows, and inhibitions disappear. Before long, she’s in the middle of her first lesbian sex experience, and it’s red hot with lesbian seduction and double penetration!MEAN GIRLS: A Very Rough Lesbian Gangbang ShortCrystal hasn’t been keeping up with her chores at the sorority house, and the sorority leader isn’t going to put up with it. If Crystal won’t do her chores, then she’ll have to contribute in another way. In this case, it means pleasing the other sorority sisters in a very rough and reluctant hot lesbian gangbang, complete with facesitting, sex toys, and first anal sex with a big strap on dildo!GETTING CAUGHT (A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story)Well, we finally made it to the campsite, and it was getting more and more difficult to deal with things. I was hornier than I’d been in high school, and I kept worrying that at any moment I’d slip up and my wife would find out I’d slept with her friend. But what do you know? On our first day at the lake, I walked right in on my wife’s best friend with her mouth between my wife’s legs!JESSICA GIVES DEBBIE HER FIRST ANAL SEX AND LESBIAN SEX EXPERIENCEAuthor Debbie Brownstone brings us a very personal erotic story, continuing the chronicles of Jessica, the woman who helped Debbie explore her own erotic anal ambitions. In this story, Jessica introduces a friend to the joys of anal sex. That friend’s name? Debbie!YOU CAN TAKE YOUR TOWEL OFF! (A Hot Stone Massage First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story)Riley is only two days away from her eighteenth birthday when she arrives for her summer job at a summer camp. Her beautiful cabin mate makes her birthday special with a traditional hot stone massage, only this massage isn’t happening in a spa. Lisa gets right to the ancient Native American techniques, and Riley can’t believe how good it feels. It’s about to feel better, though, because this massage has a very happy ending—a first lesbian sex experience!Lesbian Sex is ready to blow to your mind so move that mouse and click and you’ll be scrolling through your kindle in no time flat!